Videos give us a much more lively and vivid impression than photos can do. The tone alone makes a big difference and the moving pictures look much more realistic than a photo. Therefore it’s quite tricky to make a film, much more than photographing. That’s why professional movie makers have a considerable budged and a staff. Asienreisender does not have that. This here is neither Hollywood nor it’s Bollywood; it’s not even Nollywood. But the movie(s) show authentic impressions one seldom get’s elsewhere, and are quite unique.

Welcome to Asienreisender’s no budged videos!

By the way: the reasons why this section is yet quite neglected are simply that making videos is first very time-consuming and, second, I still have no video programme I am really confident with. I hope, that will change in the future, because there is plenty of material in the background.

On the Mekong

The film describes a two days journey downwards the Mekong River from Huayxay in the North of Laos to Luang Prabang, an ancient, a bit mystical town with a longer history of regional importance.

Watch the movie here!

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