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Chiang Saen / Thailand

Posted in Latest of Asienreisender, Places on February 27, 2013 by Thim Kwai

At the banks of the Mekong River in Thailand‘s very north is Chiang Saen placed, one of the oldest cities of Thailand and, besides, defenitely one of the remarkable places in Thailand.

Only few tourists come here, because it’s at a dead end, not on the way to anywhere. The nearby Golden Triangle (as the geographical point, where the three countries Thailand, Laos and Burma/Myanmar touch each other, in distinction to the Golden Triangle area, which is much bigger) is a booming place itself, attracting gamblers in a new, Chinese run casino on one of the islands in the Mekong River, which belongs to Laos.

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Chiang Khong / Thailand

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The small borderpost in the north of Thailand, Chiang Khong, is facing the town of Huayxai in Laos on the opposite site of the Mekong River. It’s pretty untouristic for it’s mostly just a stopover for tourists and travellers from Vietnam/Laos on the way to inner Thailand or vice versa. There are no touristic sites here and nothing spectacular to do. Nevertheless it’s a nice, quiet place to spent time.

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Lanna was a medieval kingdom in the area what is nowadays the north of Thailand, east Burma/Myanmar, south of China (Yunnan) and parts of north Laos. It has an interesting history and culture and is still an attractive area with an incredible amount of different influences and a picturesque landscapes.

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