Animals of Southeast Asia

Hornbill by AsienreisenderThe huge rain forests, swamps, rivers, mangrove coasts together with the hot climate, plenty of rain and the fact, that there is no vegetation break like it is in Europe in the five month from mid-November to mid-April (north-middle Europe) host a great and phantastic biodiversity. Southeast Asia and particularly the equatorial area around Malaysia, great parts of Indonesia and the Mekong River with it’s tributaries are among the world regions with the most species on earth, in that only competing with the surroundings of the Amazon river in South America.

All these biodiverse environments are nowadays under severe threat. Mankind’s technical potentials are as huge as it’s hunger for profit. For this purpose earth has to be exploited everywhere and thoroughly. Less and less space is left for animals and plants. The list of endangered animals is long, and the list of already extinct animals is longer and increasingly fast growing. Nature- and National parks mean little protection for animals. The extinction rate of animals in Southeast Asia is double as high as in the world average. Bribing money is stronger than the laws are. It’s getting lonesome around homo sapiens.

On this page you find a selection of the huge variety of animals living in Southeast Asia.


Here you find a list of endangered and here a list of extinct animals of Southeast Asia.

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