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Visiting Chiang Khong means coming to one of the outer border posts of Thailand. The most tourists who come here are on the way to Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam or are coming from there, heading into Thailand. Few people take their time to stay in Chiang Khong for a time. Though, it’s worth to. If you plan to come here, have a look for the things you can do in Chiang Khong

Jammee Guesthouse in Vang Vieng, Laos

Jammee Guesthouse ( is a new guesthouse on the quiet end of Vang Vieng village, but still within walking distance of the town center with all the party activities. The surrounding views are stunning, the place is quiet and offers comfortable, large rooms as single, double and family rooms, all with private bathroom, hot shower, free wifi and balconies or verandas to enjoy the mountain scenery.

The rooms are big, clean and new, with bathroom and hot shower inside. In the rooms you have either king or queen size beds or twin singles all with innerspring mattresses. All the rooms have a veranda or a secured balcony with spectacular mountain views. Also a dormitory is available with free mosquito nets provided. Free wifi is available in all rooms and throughout the guesthouse. Water, coffee, tea and bananas are for free. Free pickup service; call (856-20) 55898945. Email:

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