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Damming the Mekong

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The Mekong River is still a widely unindustrialized green river over most of it’s course. It’s the river with the second largest biodiversity on earth and a food source for 65 million people. Now the Mekong is under threat. A series of dams are planned on the main course of the river. Additionally there are dozends of more dams planned, under construction or already operating at the Mekong’s many tributaries. The Mekong River’s ecology is under severe threat…

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4th Thai/Laos Friendship Bridge at Chiang Khong/Huayxai

Posted in Latest of Asienreisender, Politics on March 16, 2013 by Thim Kwai

The bridge over the Mekong River at Chiang Khong/Huayxai is completed now. Also the road connection to the main road (highway 1020) five kilometers south of Chiang Khong is done. Allegedly there was a ceremony at December 12th, 2012. For some people, according to the ancient Mayan calendar, the world would be destroyed at this very date, for others, particularly the Chinese, it’s a symbol of luck. And luck means always, above all, good business.

Nevertheless, the bridge and new border-crossing is not in use yet. The immigration buildings on both sides are still under construction. In January it was supposed to be ready for operating in April 2013. But meanwhile there appeared another delay. Due to information I got from the custom officials in Chiang Khong, one of the construction companies has ‘money problems’. It concerns probably to the construction of the new customs buildings. The officials told me that the new bordercrossing point will supposedly open in July 2013.

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