Animals of Southeast Asia

Blowfly in Cambodia by Asienreisender

Sketch of a blowfly in Cambodia.

A blowfly, seen in Cambodia. Flies, appearing in masses, are an indicator for a low hygienic standard. Where food remains are thrown or spit on the floor, these animals thrive. That’s the case in many rural places in restaurants and fresh markets. Dogshit is another agars for these insects.

When going on food they serve as a vector for countless diseases. Their larvaes thrive in meat, milk, fish. Excrements of blowfly larvaes are very poisonous for humans and after they attaint food it’s no more edible.

The high child mortality in Cambodia has partially to do with the lack of hygiene. Sketch by Asienreisender, 2013


This is only a part of the richly illustrated article ‘Animals of Southeast Asia’. Read here the whole article on Animals of Southeast Asia.

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