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Yogyakarta / Java

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Yogyakarta is the second most visited tourist destination in Indonesia, after Bali. It’s widely seen as Java’s cultural capital. Indeed, Yogyakarta has a long history, particularly when one includes the medieval civilizations of Borobodur and Prambanan and the empire of Mataram. Generally spoken, Yogyakarta is nicer than the verymost other Javanese cities and towns because it still has what of it’s past preserved, mostly from the Dutch times and from the Javanese court of the local sultan, namely the kraton (sultan’s palace). More than the crowded consumer paradies of Yogyakarta itself are the surroundings worth to spend some time – that is above all Prambanan, Parangtritis, Imogiri and Kaliurang, a mountain village close to the famous Javanese volcano Mount Merapi.

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