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The number of annual arrivals in Thailand is really high. But, that does not mean that Thailand is generally overrun by tourists as Bali in Indonesia is, for example. It’s rather so, that the mass of the Tourists concentrates in certain touristic places. That’s (partially) Bangkok itself, Hua Hin or Phuket Island in the south, what is actually a special economic zone with a very high percentage of foreign investment, property and foreign inhabitants, it’s Pattaya (sin city) in east Thailand and the notorious touristic islands as Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, Ko Tao etc. Chiang Mai in the north is touristic as well. Other touristic destinations are much more moderate visited by tourists, and a great part of the country does not see many tourists at all.

The average tourist in 2012 spent ten days in Thailand and almost 140 $US per day.

Thailand received in 2013, despite the since October ongoing Bangkok demonstrations, 26.73 million tourist arrivals.

The leading visiting nationality is Chinese with 4.7 million visitors, followed by Malaysia (3 mill.) and Russia (1.7 mill.). The leading western visiting nationalities are Australia and Britain with a bit more than 900.000 each.

Besides, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is the biggest airport in Southeast Asia and as a central destination receives many arrivals of people who intend to spent also more time in neighbouring countries like Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam instead of Thailand only. However, they pass through it and are part of the statistics. The statistics also includes those who stay for longer in Thailand and do the ‘visa run’ to neighbouring countries. Every time someone is entering Thailand he/she is counted again.


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