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Sihanoukville / Cambodia

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As a booming industrial and touristic center with a deep-sea port, Sihanoukville (also: Kampong Som, Kompong Som, Kampong Soum, nickname: Snook) is the only Cambodian coastal city of significance. With a population between 200,00 and 250,000 inhabitants it’s also one of the biggest cities of Cambodia.

The place is situated at the southeast of Cambodia on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. The touristic attraction lies mostly in a number of fine sand beaches close to the city and the developed touristic infrastructure and facilities of many kinds.

Sihanoukville is as well a city as a province. The surroundings are coined by the sea and a larger number of smaller and bigger islands, and by a forested, hilly landscape, the foothills of the damrei (elephant) mountains. It reminds to the French mediterranean coast at the Côte d’Azur.

(…)Sihanoukville’s history reaches back only to the mid 1950s. After the independence, Cambodia’s access to the open sea depended on the free passage along the Mekong River between Phnom Penh to the South China Sea. But that meant to cross over Vietnamese territory and included Vietnamese restrictions. To get an own seaport, in 1955 the construction of a deep sea port at Kampong Som begun.

The foundation of the small province and the new town happened then in 1960. The name was given after the then prime minister and prince Norodom Sihanouk.

The port was also in the focus in the American Vietnam War.(…)

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