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Movies: City of Ghosts

Posted in Latest of Asienreisender, Movies with tags , , , , , , on June 18, 2013 by Thim Kwai

The movie is a ‘film noir’, a thriller who was made mostly in Cambodia, partially in Thailand and the beginning in USA. The plot is not too interesting, but it’s nevertheless a thrilling movie. It’s particularly fascinating to watch for those who know Cambodia or are interested in the country, because much of the atmosphere of the country is caught in the picture, and that’s done very well. Parts of the movie play in Phnom Penh, others in Kep, the climax and final showdown is placed up on foggy Bokor Hill Station and in and around the old colonial Bokor Palace Hotel & Casino ruin. Matt Dillan, as the director, took time to show places in Cambodia as they really look. That gives the film a touch of a documentary as well. (…)

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