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Animals: Common Myna

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In Southeast Asia the common myna is an all-day appearance. Their habitat is originally open forest, but they spread out to agricultural areas and entered and adapted perfectly to urban areas. In the 19th and 20th century common mynas were introduced into many countries worldwide with the intention to reduce the local insect populations.

It’s adaptability and success to survive in foreign countries results mainly from being an omnivore and it’s robust and belligerent nature. The common myna is able to drive other birds out of their claimed habitats. They also rob and destroy other bird’s nests and eat their chicks. Since they cause a great deal of harm to other animals, the common myna is listed as one of the hundred worst invasive species in the world. Particularly in Australia they are notorious for damaging the local ecology, mainly other bird species, but also in South Africa and wide parts of America they spread out in great numbers and do a lot of harm to local species and environments.

In this context it’s interesting to see that the common myna population in Malaysia and particularly Singapore decreased significantly for it’s competition with another germane species, the Javan Myna. The Javan Myna was introduced to Singapore in the 1920s.

By the way, the common myna is also known for spreading mites and diseases to people and domestic animals.


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