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Crippled Tail Cats in Southeast Asia

Posted in Animals, Latest of Asienreisender with tags , , , , , , on February 12, 2014 by Thim Kwai

What’s remarkable about the cats in Southeast Asia is the fact, that many, in fact a wide majority of them have crippled tails. I have heared many contradictory stories about that. Some people say, kids play with them and break the tails. A Thai neighbour once told me, Thai People would break the tails of kittens for gaining good luck, particularly money [!]. That maybe happens sometimes, but it’s not explaining the phenomenon.

I saw that some cats were born with a crippled tail. It is a genetical defect of the spinal, called ‘brachyurie’. The tail is part of the cat’s backbone. The crippled tail can come together with other deformations of the spinal, and in some cases also with neurological deficiencies. A defect tail means a handicap for the cat because it needs the tail for maintaining it’s balance. A short or anyhow crippled tail is also insofar a problem as cats use their tails as a mean of communication. Brachyurie is not curable.



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