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Koh Kong / Cambodia

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The dusty (or muddy, depending on the weather) hole at the Cambodian border to Thailand’s Trat Province is mostly a transfer point for people who come from Thailand and are too late to get a bus to other places in Cambodia. The most busses leave in the morning, and the arrivals from Bangkok usually don’t reach the border before midday or early afternoon. It’s due to the lousy and uncoordinated transport system that people get stuck here.

There is not much to do in Krong Koh Kong, the province capital, apart from strolling along the waterfront. It’s promenade looks similar to the one at Kampot’s waterfront, but it’s wider and shabbier. Means dirtier and more broken.

The waterfront here is situated along a long, pointed seabay which is blending it’s saltwaters with the sweetwaters from the Kah Bpow River. It’s said around here were still some of the Irrawaddy Dolphins living, as at the shores of neighbouring Trat Province / Thailand. The Bangkok Post reported in the last years repeatedly of severe losses among the decreasing dolphin population due to industrial impacts.

Since ‘Koh’ actually is Thai language and means ‘island’ one might wonder about the name for the land-based town. However, there is a Koh Kong Island some 20km beeline southwards. Besides there is so called ‘Beach 2000’ not far from town, reachable allegedly by boats only. It’s popular among Khmer.

The long coastlines are still mostly undeveloped, although the towns in Koh Kong Province are growing fast. That causes an increasing impact on the mangrove forests. Particularly the shrimp farms grew extensively in the last years. They are preferably built on the grounds of former mangrove forest, which is removed by caterpillars then.

In Koh Kong is also one of the ‘Special Economic Zones’ established. Import-Export business…


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