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Literature Index for Southeast Asia

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The listed works on this page give a rough overview on a selection of books, brochures and other publications on Southeast Asia, it’s countries and plenty of different topics. Some, but not all of them had an influence on this web project. Others who were of influence are not (yet) listed. There is, of course, much, much more.

Southeast Asia is in a process of rapid change, as the whole world is. Changes might be partially faster here than elsewhere, because of the particular economic dynamic in this world region. It’s relatively easy to research historical topics; it’s much more difficult to get a realistic image on what’s going on right now. A lot of internet sources serve therefore as additional information suppliers, containing of newspapers, scientific websites, private blogs etc. The good, old books are getting a bit slow in a rapidly changing world, for they are not so easily updated as a website is.

It’s rather superfluous to say that Asienreisender is neither responsible for the content of the works nor necessessarily favouring opinions, ideas or whatever is expressed in them.

Asienreisender is an advocate for the freedom of expression in all means. Therefore this page lists a wide variety of different, partially contradicting sources. Excluded are works presenting racist, sexist, violent content or follow merely business interests.


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