Tropical Rainforest in Southeast Asia

Tropical Rainforest is covering the Cameron Highlands on the Malay Peninsula. It’s the oldest rainforest on earth. Geologists estimate it’s age of 130 million years.

A Chinese/Malaysian acquaintance told me how he got lost here once in the 1960s with his boyscout group. The group, consisting of 20 teenagers and kids, ned seven days to find their way out of the jungle.

In our days the forest is cut more and more. Civilization is making it’s way first into the valleys; after road construction buildings of all kind follows. Then the urbanization is creeping up the slopes. The last remaining aborigines (Orang Asli) are forced to live in new settlements.

Many slopes in the Cameron Highlands were logged already decades ago. They are now covered by the large Boh tea plantations.



This is only a part of the richly illustrated article ‘Tropical Rainforests in Southeast Asia’. Read here the whole article on Tropical Rainforests in Southeast Asia.

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