Kampot – Bokor – Kep / Cambodia by Asienreisender

The province of Kampot in south Cambodia might be the most picturesque and versatile in the whole country. There is the coast of the South China Sea, the southern Elephant Mountains with Bokor National Park, the Teuk Chhou (a river, also: Prek Thom River), a number of limestone mountains and plains. East of Kampot follows the seaside resort of Kep and not far from that the border to Vietnam. Kampot town is situated at the banks of the Teuk Chhou River, five kilometers before it’s mouth reaches the Gulf of Thailand. It’s an upcoming place which develops rapidly these days, but is far not that evolved as many places in Laos since recently or in neighbouring Thailand, which is defenitely ways further in development than Cambodia is. But change is quick here these days. The place inhabits around 48,000 people. Quite a number of colonial buildings are left in Kampot, some restored meanwhile, others are still abandoned. The old French market building has been recently restored and houses now a number of shops, cafes and restaurants. The bigger fresh market is at the other end of town. The eastern bank of the Teuk Chhou River is paralleled meanwhile by a broad promenade with big, old casuarina trees and some figtrees. Most of the old buildings there are restored, including the old market as already mentioned, what was just six years ago still a rotten, dirty, half-abandoned place. Walking along the promenade one enjoys a great panorama view over the river towards the Elephant Mountains. The river provides a microclimate with a fresh breeze and, so far the wind is coming from southern directions (as normally between May and October, in south-west monsoon time), a smell of sea air. Following Kampot’s river banks a few kilometers downstream one passes the splitup of two arms of the river who form the first part of the river mouth. Bordering Kampot’s southern border a Cham fisher village is placed at the river banks. It’s surrounded by remains of mangrove forests. Mangrove forests stretch over parts of the coastlines of Kampot Province, so far they are not destroyed already. The local people are by a certain part Cham Muslims, but the majority is Khmer. Particularly in Kampot town the Khmer dominate in number. In business Chinese and Vietnamese have their place as well. The Cham People seem to live more in the surrounding countryside. This ist just a part of the article on Kampot – Bokor – Kep. Click the link to read all about Kampot – Bokor – Kep.

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