Cambodian History

Cambodian history consists of two significant eras. The first is coined by the remarkable medieval Angkorean empire with it’s ‘crown jewel’ Angkor Wat. It set cultural standards for whole Southeast Asia.

The second is the time of the communist terror of the Khmer Rouge over Cambodia, with it’s genocide and the ‘killing fields’.

The Khmer empire of Angkor was the most important, powerful, sophisticated, longest-lasting, largest and in long-term most influential empire in Southeast Asia‘s history. It had it’s best times from the early 9th century on until the early 15th century.

Due to internal strife, in 1177 AD Angkor’s then capital Yasodharapura was for the first time captured by foreign troops, an army from Champa who came up the Mekong River with a great fleet. The Khmer prince and later king Jayavarman VII gathered troops and fought the Chams back in land battles as in a big sea battle on the Tonle Sap (lake) in about 1180 AD. On the spot of Yasodharapura he ordered to build his central temple, Angkor Thom (also known as the ‘Bayon’).

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