On Censorship of Movies in Thailand

Also one should keep in mind that there exists a strict censorship in Thailand. Movies are controlled by the authorities. Many are criticized for containing ‘illegal’ content, coming in any way in conflict with ‘lese majeste’ or other Thai laws. Sometimes whole films are confiscated. So, there are many topics, Thai film makers can not deal with. Particularly when it comes to politics and to the religion. To make a political ‘correct’ movie in Thailand is an art itself. Because of that one can not expect really good movies ‘Made in Thailand’.

Just recently the new Thai Movie ‘Fahtum pandinsoong’ (border) by director Nontawat Numbenchapol on the 2010 anti-government demonstrations in Bangkok and the border conflict with Cambodia was forbidden to be played in Thailand.

The movie was shown in February at the annual Berlin film festival ‘Berlinale’ 2013.

The official reason to ban the movie was that it would threaten the national security. The Bangkok May 2010 events are a politically sensitive topic in Thailand. 91 people died, some 1,000 were injured.

The documentary is following a Thai soldier, who was serving in Bangkok in May 2010 when the so called ‘red shirts’ demonstrated over months against the government and were beaten down then by the military. In 2011 he was deployed to the Thai/Cambodian border at Preah Vihear where bloody combats happened between the Thai and the Cambodian army. The border fights in April 2011 caused 18 deaths and thousands of villagers displaced.

The border conflict is at the moment processed at the UN international Court of Justice in Deen Haag, Netherlands.

That’s just the latest example of the notorious censorship in Thailand. A great deal of promising Thai Movies who offer deeper views on social topics are censored. It’s not always so that the whole movie get’s forbidden. Often are parts of a movie banned and have to be cut out. The cutting frequently get’s so far that the whole movie doesn’t make sense then anymore.

Here you can read the whole article on ‘Thai Movies‘ including some revies…

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