The People of Laos

There is no easy approach to the People of Laos, for the huge ethnical diversity. Since the 6,200,000 inhabitants (2010), of whom some 60% are ethnically different from the Laotians (the largest ethnic), are falling apart into 70 – 120 different languages, of whom some are not yet scientifically explored; well, there is much to say on this topic. But that would lead astray here.

Laos is a country where many ‘hill tribes‘ live, the nomadic people who live in the mountains appart from the civilizations of the plains. Generally spoken, the linguistic families can be clustered into four main groups. It’s the Tai (Thai) family, the Mon-Khmer family, Tibeto-Burmese and Hmong-Yao languages. Just to make it simple.

Read the whole, richly illustrated article on the People of Laos

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