Laos’ Culture

There didn’t that much cultural history happen in Laos. Tribal history of many different people, yes, including cultural traditions and customs; but they transfer their history orally and when their tribal culture dies for becomming absorbed into modern society, their historical record tears. Not seldom ending up in refugee camps for years, the kids don’t learn there what they would learn in the mountains. The old life goes away from this people and they will never find it back. Social deprivation follows in many cases.

Most remarkable are on the first glance the sophisticated clothes many tribal people wear.

The lowland Laotians didn’t bring up a sophisticated literature, architecture or any advancter technology. They developed centuries before but they came to a halt in further development and stick now back in time what would be comparable with the 13th century in the west.

That’s why the Laotian culture is reduced to some old temples, ancient temple pictures as they are to see in Luang Prabangs oldest temple, Wat Xieng Thong. There are also old dances and pieces of music, played with unique instruments of the region.

Here you get three audio samples of Buddhist monks chantings and a piece of classical Laotian music, played in the theatre of the Roayal Palace in Luang Prabang: click Laos’ Culture

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