Tropical Rainforest and Jungle

Jungle and primary rainforest was in the past the most widespread vegetation form in Southeast Asia. In 1960 for example Thailand was covered by 80 % with primary forest. Due to slash and burn, logging, urbanization and agricultural monocultures (palm oil trees, rubber trees and other cash crops) primary forest is rare nowadays. The last remains are to find in the mountains, particularly in the higher parts, on steep slopes where it is extremely difficult to cut the big, not seldom several centuries old trees. In the plains there is no primary forest left, it’s almost all cut and replaced by agriculture or urbanized.

Indonesia is covered with the second biggest tropical rainforests on earth, following the south American area around the Amazon River. There is a drama going on since decades, in the long run since the 19th century, which led to the destruction of already a great amount of it. Annually fires eat it up piece for piece. That’s so mostly on Sumatra and Borneo (Kalimantan), but also on all the other islands of Indonesia. Java‘s rainforest is almost completely gone, only very small islands remain under official protection, but the protection means in fact very little. Poachers enter the National Parks and hunt out what they want to sell the animals on the animal markets in the big cities. Jakarta is said would have the biggest ‘black animal market’ in Southeast Asia. Check therefore the example of Pangandaran at Java‘s south coast.

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