Noise Pollution in Southeast Asia and Thailand

In Southeast Asia, wherever I travel and stay, it’s always noisy. On the streets anyway, but also in almost any place where I stay it’s difficult to find a rest and to recover without being disturbed by noises. There is either just a building site, or there is a building site next door, or at least they make up a new building site after a few days, or they have a party, or the party is next door, or there are loudspeakers around, a noisy temple or, worst of all, a mosque. That I avoid to stay next to busy roads does not need to be mentioned, but there are everywhere vehicles around, and they are always noisy. Silence is as precious as rare nowadays.

The impact of noise pollution on humans (and animals) is still widely underestimated and / or seen as the price we have to pay for the development of our modern society. But there are serious concerns. The World Health Organization’s Guidelines on Community Noise listed up a number of noise-induced illnesses (1999). Among them are sleep deprivation and disruption, memory deficits, stress, high blood pressure, dizziness, cardiovascular diseases, ringing ear, frustrations, accidents, negative social behaviour, restlessness, moodiness, a tendency for higher aggressiveness and hearing impairment. Children become aggressive and shout to each other. Communication is interrupted or impossible, a society of aggressive and disturbed people grows up. Some people even become suicidal.

So, being repeatedly or longer exposed to loud noises leads to numerous diseases. One can not get used to noise pollution. The World Health Organization (WHO) called in spring 2011 noise pollution as the second biggest health threat in the world.

There is much more to say about noise pollution. Read the whole article on noise pollution at Asienreisender

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