Thailand’s Population Growth

In most of the 20th century Thailand had a dynamic population growth. The estimated population in 1900 was between five and eight million people. In 1982 it was around 50 million inhabitants. In the following years the birth rate lowered considerably. In 2012 there are some 70 million (Thai) People living in Thailand.

Particularly steep was the population growth in the north of Thailand. The territory of old Lanna was at the beginning of the 19th century completely depopulated. Despite population efforts the northern parts of Thailand remained almost unpopulated until into the 20th century. What is now the province of Chiang Rai was populated in 1905 by 5,000 people only. In Chiang Saen only 70 people lived.

Now the population of Chiang Rai province is officially at 1,1 million inhabitants. Around 12.5 percent of them are ‘hill tribes‘.

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